Renaissance Church Youths have so much Fun: Early Summer Picnic0 Comments

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Posted on 12 Jun 2017 at 9:15pm
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Renaissance Church Youths have so much Fun: Early Summer Picnic

Renaissance Baptist Church in Philadelphia Pennsylvania youths had an early summer picnic at CamelBeach in the Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania. But wait… Beach at the mountains? Yes. CamelBeach is a winter ski resort on top of the mountains in PA but in the summer it is turned to an artificial beach resort.

The resort has a realistic beach feels. It has a pool with real high tide waves, another is build specially for surfing and others have sands with palm trees and more.

What a great idea for the leaders at Renaissance to think of their youths and create activities for them. Today’s youths in Haitian churches are leaving for American churches while some simply quit church all together and the cause is very obvious.

This is a new century; our lives has changed, our environment has changed, our homes have upgraded and so should be the house of the Lord. Our God is the same yesterday today and forever but that should not be an excuse to give Him a praise of yesterday and not a praise of today. Haitian churches must create ways to keep our youths engaged in the church.

We at LevanjilTV were present to witness the entire trip through our lenses. A beautiful resort, a comfy coach bus with TV and restroom and a non-profitable price were everything the youth could have asked for. The key part of the picnic is that each youth member at Renaissance had the opportunity to create a group and invite other youths to come along with them. That is also more ways to keep the youths within church environment. As Christians not only are we suppose to invite others to church but teaching them how to have fun in Christ can help them from going astray.

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